• Global Research

    SIFGS applies comprehensive research techniques in coordination with a wide variety of partners to identify and address issues related to international growth, development and stability.

  • Local Partners

    Research begins with the facts on the ground and the lives of populations impacted by local situations.  We work with all levels of society to identify and address underlying causes to local and regional issues with an eye towards uncovering key and well defined potential solutions.

  • Research-driven solutions

    Proactive, fact-based research derived from the reality of the situation on the ground, the complexities of the environment and the totality of each scenario.  Unencumbered by theoretical underpinnings, SIFGS delivers practical, actionable proposals based on comprehensive research strategies.


International Stability

Comprehensive Research

Sustainable Growth


Join us in our current global research projects. Learn more about what SIFGS is up to today, our leadership team, upcoming events, partners, and how to join the team.


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